Frog Learning in partnership with isEazy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Together we are worth twice that’s why we are excited to announce an exciting new partnership between Frog Learning and isEazy, a technology company specializing in E-learning solutions for training, communication and corporate knowledge. This collaboration marks an important step forward in terms of innovation and constitutes an added value for our clients, introducing for the first time in Italy, on an entirely exclusive basis, isEazy Author.

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Frog Rewind 2023

Reading Time: 5 minutes Some people have gingerbread men in the oven and some have mistletoe sprigs hanging from the ceiling. We, as the end of the year approaches, cannot help our instinct to recap the past 12 months in a few folders and a few, meaningful, images. A little nostalgic, a little manic about bullet points. Here we are, then, with our very traditional Frog-targeted Rewind 2023: what have we been up to this past year? Who have we become and where do we expect to go?

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Frog Learning and GoodHabitz: partnership launch.

Reading Time: 2 minutes At FROG, we strongly believe in the value of collaboration, especially if it is driven by a common feeling and a well-shared path.
We are excited to announce our partnership with GoodHabitz, a multinational company that specializes in digital training experiences, combining assessment, courses, and team activities into a single product.
Together we aim to offer unique training paths that integrate Goodhabitz’s personal development solution with our ability to innovate and customize E-learning services for businesses.
But how did this understanding come about?

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Frog Rewind 2022: a green year under the tree 🌲

Reading Time: 5 minutes “The old year is over now, but something is still wrong here.” Besides being poetic, Lucio Dalla’s words sound prophetic in this ramshackle ’22. But we, who are incurable optimists, wanted to try to change the focus and let go for a moment of the worries that unite us all, in the unfortunate space-time conjuncture we are experiencing as a Country and Planet in this closing of the year, and to focus on our “small” and greener observatory. How have we grown in Frog Learning this year? What has changed? Where would we like to go now? Let’s try a dear old list, which is now a tradition.

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blended learning

Blended Learning: how to make corporate training effective

Reading Time: 12 minutes That E-learning has changed the way training is a well-known fact by now. Since its establishment, however, two opposing schools of thought have stood out. The former has given full support to online learning, proving itself open to the novelties and countless possibilities offered by technology. The second, however, has distanced itself from it, continuing to prefer traditional learning modes.

That is, until attempts were made to make them coexist by making courses that could take advantage of the strengths of both. After numerous attempts, and with the support of increasingly developed technology, the potential of this methodological approach became apparent. Blended learning has thus begun to be talked about.

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webinar tecnologie cognitive

Webinar.The Real Impact of Cognitive Technologies in E-Learning.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is Artificial Intelligence really changing the way E-learning is done or is it just an illusion?
If it is not, how can it be effectively integrated by making a real impact in training?
Together with isEazy we will address these questions during the upcoming webinar, with the aim of exploring the subject matter analytically and critically.

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Webinar. The ingredients for starry Digital Onboarding: the Cannavacciuolo case

Reading Time: 2 minutes We are ready for a new webinar by Frog Learning. How about you?
In the next appointment we will explore digital onboarding, a key process for the effective integration of new employees. We will tell you how an innovative and well-structured onboarding plan can generate positive effects in terms of retention and retention of new talent. To do so, we will look at the case history of Cannavacciuolo Group.

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