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Collaboration in Microsoft Teams: how to use it in the enterprise?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Collaboration among the staff of a company, whether it is an SME or a large multinational corporation, is the key to optimal management of work processes and growth of the company.
When this process moves into digital environments, it is referred to as collaboration (or “virtual collaboration”), an approach that frees itself from the constraints of space and time and fosters collaboration and communication.
Supporting collaboration are more and more digital tools, starting with intranet architectures and ending with software of different kinds that complement and integrate with them.
Of these, perhaps the most prominent is Microsoft Teams.

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Softwares and Platforms

Intranet for SMEs: why it is important to have one

Reading Time: 5 minutes Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are an important part of the economy in many countries, including ours. One of the many challenges they face in the complex market dynamics is to effectively manage internal processes and communication to make collaboration within them fruitful.

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Intranet CMS: better open source or proprietary?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Within the intranet is the flow of a company’s activities. Content, processes, resources, personal contributions, evaluations-it thus becomes the container for everything that happens in the organization and the way it evolves. In this way, the intranet becomes the reference for every component of the company, the safe haven where information can be entered and retrieved.

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Intranet for blue collars: what solutions to adopt?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Among the tools that can empower a company is definitely an intranet.
Carefully designed and incorporated organically into employees’ routines, a good intranet proves to be a springboard for many internal practices that can improve not only corporate life but also its performance.
But what changes when the company has a large compartment of employees operating in the field? How is it possible to involve them in this valuable reality?

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No code – Low code trends in the Italian market.

Reading Time: 6 minutes No code and Low code are the two sides of the same coin, the one that allows anyone with a good idea (or close to it) to operate as a developer without the study of app and site development weighing on the end result. With the use of graphical interfaces that allow ready-made components to be assembled, the new frontier of development for all has been conquered and is expanding with each passing day.
How is our country positioned in this path of simplifying IT development processes?

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Intranet UX UI: how to balance usability and aesthetics?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The intranet is one of the most useful tools for a company. It simplifies communications, streamlines work processes and helps create and consolidate corporate culture.
One of the main focuses of its design and implementation is the user. This is because if the user is comfortable using the intranet, it is very likely to think that they will do so often, increasing its effectiveness (thus enhancing the value of the upstream investment). Following then are some practices to follow, in terms of user experience and user interface, that improve the quality of an intranet.

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Cloud intranet vs on premise: which one to choose?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Cloud intranet or on premise?
Between the question and the answer lies the only possible solution: that of investigating a bit into the world of cloud and on premise intranets and figuring out the direction to take. In fact, solving the mystery requires a focus on two major players in this area: SharePoint server and SharePoint online.
Let the confrontation begin!

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Authoring Tools between past, present and future

Reading Time: 15 minutes Wanting to adopt a somewhat corny metaphor, when we think of authoring tools, we can imagine a situation where you want to realize a dream.
You have the idea, you have the sources, the goal, but you lack the tools.
Here, within authoring tools it is possible to find the necessary tools, or most of them, for the implementation of an E-learning project.

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No queue low queue: benefits and opportunities for businesses

Reading Time: 10 minutes Changes of course in the digital world, it is known, are becoming more and more frequent. Some are simple detours that lead to nothing concrete, while others take the form of real paradigm shifts. The so-called “no-code/low-code revolution” has all the appearance of being of the second kind, proposing a solution for increasing application development in organizations. Let’s start with the naming: as the word itself suggests, developing in no code means making digital products and services without the use of any programming language.
And of course it doesn’t end there.

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blended learning

Blended Learning: how to make corporate training effective

Reading Time: 12 minutes That E-learning has changed the way training is a well-known fact by now. Since its establishment, however, two opposing schools of thought have stood out. The former has given full support to online learning, proving itself open to the novelties and countless possibilities offered by technology. The second, however, has distanced itself from it, continuing to prefer traditional learning modes.

That is, until attempts were made to make them coexist by making courses that could take advantage of the strengths of both. After numerous attempts, and with the support of increasingly developed technology, the potential of this methodological approach became apparent. Blended learning has thus begun to be talked about.

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webinar tecnologie cognitive

Webinar.The Real Impact of Cognitive Technologies in E-Learning.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Is Artificial Intelligence really changing the way E-learning is done or is it just an illusion?
If it is not, how can it be effectively integrated by making a real impact in training?
Together with isEazy we will address these questions during the upcoming webinar, with the aim of exploring the subject matter analytically and critically.

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Webinar. The ingredients for starry Digital Onboarding: the Cannavacciuolo case

Reading Time: 2 minutes We are ready for a new webinar by Frog Learning. How about you?
In the next appointment we will explore digital onboarding, a key process for the effective integration of new employees. We will tell you how an innovative and well-structured onboarding plan can generate positive effects in terms of retention and retention of new talent. To do so, we will look at the case history of Cannavacciuolo Group.

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