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E-learning courses:
start training your team

Our E-learning courses are tailored to meet your company’s specific training needs, and are designed to be effective, engaging, and innovative.

E-learning courses Frog Learning

We develop E-learning courses
that make a difference


Our e-learning courses correspond exactly to the demands of large companies, satisfying every need for customization and uniqueness.


We’re constantly thinking about the end user, proposing solutions that ensure their maximum engagement and the best educational experience.


The pursuit of quality is our main goal. That’s why we continually update our system and experiment with new ideas.


Since 2023, we’ve been actively committed to creating e-learning courses that adhere as closely as possible to the WCAG 2.2 guidelines, ensuring an accessible experience for all users.

E-learning Courses How we made them Frog Learning

E-learning: Make it simple with us

For those taking
the first steps

We start with your idea and translate it into a project that corresponds exactly to your expectations. If needed, we also provide you with the LMS platform to host all the courses you want to offer your company’s team.

Plus, you can count on us for ongoing assistance and support!

E-learning courses from the beginning


If you don’t need the full package, no problem – we’ll unpack it!

We don’t want to revolutionize the way you do e-learning if what you already have works for you. We can simply implement and integrate the services that are right for you to meet your specific training needs.

developing e-learning courses

E-learning courses: how we implement them

We analyze your request, translating it into a project focused on the user’s needs.

We design the E-learning platform based on the features that best suit your training needs, or we repurpose the one you already have.

We create interactive and effective E-learning content: branching, screencasts, cartoons and handwriting, and more.

We convert content to the standard SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and x-Api formats so that each user's training can be tracked.

We constantly meet with you to share the work’s progress and to agree on any changes.

The delivery of the project is the moment we’re most excited about, and we’ll do it on your schedule.

We’ll also be there afterward, offering assistance and support if you need it.

Customized E-learning Courses Frog Learning

Customized E-learning courses

Our team of instructional designers and creatives can develop training programs on precise business topics. Starting with an initial briefing, the content shared will be translated into an interactive course that strives for maximum user engagement.

Effective training is our top priority!

E-learning course catalog

E-learning courses catalog Frog Learning

We offer companies a wide-ranging catalog of ready-to-use courses. Each was developed with the most popular corporate training topics in mind, ensuring the best possible user experience.

Broken down by categories, browsing the available courses is easy and intuitive.

E-learning courses catalog Frog Learning
E-learning courses moodle Frog Learning

Moodle: the learning platform
tailored to you and your corporate training

If you don’t already have an LMS platform for delivering e-learning courses and managing the entire training process, you can choose to:

  • Rent our Temporary LMS;
  • Work with us to activate and customize Moodle, the world’s best-known Learning Management System.

We can help you either way!

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