Frog Rewind 2023

Some people have gingerbread men in the oven and some have mistletoe sprigs hanging from the ceiling. We, as the end of the year approaches, cannot help our instinct to recap the past 12 months in a few folders and a few, meaningful, images. A little nostalgic, a little manic about bullet points. Here we are, then, with our very traditional Frog-targeted Rewind 2023: what have we been up to this past year? Who have we become and where do we expect to go?

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Kicking off the Frog Rewind 2023

There is a colleague who, with admirable and tireless punctuality, every year for Christmas decorates the offices with a truly adorable kitsch spirit. Year after year, the ingredients change, but the result is always the same. Perhaps it is because the signature is always that, or perhaps it is because there is something in here that makes us laugh, even-and especially-when someone else would turn their nose up in disgust.

Here, hoping to emulate this joyful tradition, we come back to you with the written transposition of our ridiculous luminaries: the year-end recapitulation. Ready to rewind the tape with us as we go over a very green 2023 of news together? Good. Make yourselves comfortable and let the rewind begin.

Froggers are born and made

As always, people first. And yes, we can make ourselves as pretty as we want with augmented reality and Chat GPT, but our favorite thing around here is to multiply-and not just in a literal sense (by the way, welcome to little Linda and Francisโค). Our team has grown and we have welcomed, in order:

  • Sara
    , the most curated helpdesker a company could wish for (because you can type nonstop to solve all kinds of problems, but, if you do it with impeccable fingernails, you certainly have an advantage).

  • Andrea
    , as young as he is a curious web developer. In other words, what Sideshow Bob would look like if he had grown up in the Apennines.
  • Another
    (and we’re up to 4 ๐Ÿ˜Š), IT Project Manager arrived in the Po Valley directly from Lamezia Terme, to explain to our technical team how to deal with every bad day with ‘nduja.

Two more colleagues are about to jump into the pond with the new year, and we couldn’t be more excited.
Then, in recent months, we wished good luck to Giampietro, who, after more than a year in Frog, started a new professional adventure. We will miss your spritzes, Giampy.

A hop around

Like any self-respecting frog, we love to jump around, and even in 2023 we had our experiences around.

In the spring, we returned to the Didacta Fair, an indispensable opportunity to develop new and interesting opportunities with the educational world. Undaunted, at close quarters, here we are again at the ๐—›๐—ฅ ๐—œ๐—ป๐—ป๐—ผ๐˜ƒ๐—ฎ๐˜๐—ถ๐—ผ๐—ป ๐—™๐—ผ๐—ฟ๐˜‚๐—บ, the usual rendezvous for networking and discovering the latest in talent management. Did you then want to miss a little trip across the Channel? Of course not, and because we are water creatures we took courage, crossed the strait and landed in London for Learning Technologies .

Jumping, you learn

And yes, on our trip to the British capital, on the magical days of Coronation Day, we were moreover able to show off our fluent English, learned throughout the year in the English language course that we polyglot frogs were able to take advantage of. The frog is on the table!

Of course, since education is our professional strain, we have been at it with updating, not only for languages. We made the art of oratory our own in a Public Speaking course and trained our sales and marketing team with a Neurosales course. Each of us then, as always, enriched our specific skills with targeted updates.

Doing good and doing it well

This year, thanks to the ideas of our froggers, we kicked off a number of group activities, including charitable initiatives: we turned ourselves into “Monnezzari for a day,” heroes dressed in green, going out to clean up the streets of our city from the fanciest selection of trash imaginable.
To close the year in the sweetest of ways, then, we decided to contribute to the realization of a very special publishing project: “Pinocchio in djalรจtt nozetan“, the book of Pinocchio’s adventures for the first time in Noceto dialect, enriched by more than 50 illustrations by painter Piero Furlotti, taken from the pictorial cycle created in ’49 inside the old kindergarten in Noceto. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to theGiocamico association, which works within the pediatric wards of the Children’s Hospital of Parma.

Projects, partnerships & co

Many good projects have taken shape. We initiated:

  • Intranet Starter Pack
    : our technology service dedicated to the implementation of Intranets, corporate portals for internal communication and collaboration, specifically designed and developed for SMEs.

  • Mixed Reality Learning
    : an innovative methodology that combines the benefits of E-learning with the advantages of onsite training, significantly increasing training effectiveness and reducing the resources required for training.

Many other services have been planned and will see the light of day in the new year, including:

  • Learning Advisory;
  • Legal Learning.

Partnerships that have kicked off include those with:

Something, then, is also in the works in terms of internationalization. Curious? Stay tuned.

In addition.

We organized, together with Goodhabitz, the webinar “
X Learning: corporate training enhanced by Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.
” as well as laid the groundwork for our upcoming participation in a square on Learning & Development organized by HRC.

To make sure we don’t miss anything, we also opened our channel Tik Tok, where there is fun to be had while staying super up-to-date on the E-learning world. Finally, we got busy together with “a thousand” and more Team Building activities, from wine tastings to trips out of town to the simplest movie nights or dinners to keep us duly trained even at the table, in view, precisely, of the inevitable binges that await us these days.

All the same and all new, in short. With the usual desire to improve ourselves and the inevitable final overload that, also in this end of the year, we will greet with toasts. 2024 we do not fear you!

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