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Moodle: the LMS Platform
you can count on

We use Moodle for E-learning training in large companies, customizing its layout, functions, and technical characteristics.

Moodle: a world of functions in a single platform

Moodle is a Learning Management System platform based on modular learning that you can use to effectively manage all courses for the training and updating of your team.


Each graphic element can be customized according to your brand identity: naming, tagline, logo, colors and more.


Delivery of a wide variety of educational content to stimulate user engagement, like videos, interactive objects, and discussion.


Shared folders, forums, chat, news and alerts. Numerous tools made available to users to stimulate collaboration and interchange.


Assessment of concepts learned through quizzes, interactive tasks, workshops, group work. Open badge certification at the end of the training process.


All activities performed by the user can be tracked. In addition to registration, it’s possible to log platform access, completed courses, and manage users’ preparatory activities from time to time.


Easy and simple to manage with the ability to configure different back-end roles, quickly define the training program, and generate detailed reports.


It’s also possible to support blended training activities by scheduling and managing in-person classes or conducting training sessions through web conferences.


All of Moodle’s functions can be expanded through the many plugins that simplify the platform’s management: management systems, integrated authentication, and web conferencing.

Need help implementing Moodle in your company? We've got you covered!

Our team will take care of the initial setup and any other development requests based on your needs.

The 8 benefits of Moodle


A large development community distributed around the world


No licensing or broker fees


The most widely used LMS platform


Assemble as needed. Multidivision mode


+1000 plugins, 878 devs, 376.5K recent downloads


Configurable in all languages


The platform complies with the European GDPR regulation


Sizable according to the size of the business

Moodle App: your trusted LMS always with you, anywhere you want

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On-the-go training has never been easier.

With the app, users will have access to training content anywhere, anytime, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Simply download it for free to your Andorid or IOS smartphone, log in and continue with the training.

But that’s not all. Like the platform, the app can also be customized according to your company’s visual identity, from the logo to the colors. Users can download it from Google Play or the App Store without noticing any difference with your brand.

Features we love about the Moodle app


Take advantage of the training content without an internet connection. Whether in a tunnel or in the mountains, it will be possible to continue learning by taking a quiz or other preparatory activities.


Sending alerts to users helps keep them motivated, inspiring them to continue with their learning. It’s also possible to communicate with them, sending news and information.


Learning through the app improves the user experience and provides greater user engagement through optimized navigation.


It will be easy to learn about usage data and analyze how users interact with the app, improving the training program if necessary.

Want to find out how the Moodle app works in detail? Just write us and request a demo

Customers for whom we have already installed Moodle

More than 40 of our clients have relied on Moodle installed Moodle for corporate team training, testing the endless customization possibilities firsthand.

Companies that have turned to us for platform installation and development come from a variety of industries, such as: food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, etc….

+50,000 employees

Trained using Moodle

30 percent of the companies

that have chosen it exceed €60 MN in turnover

Give your team's training a boost

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Engage, stimulate learning, create simulations of real problems, develop games. Moodle will facilitate information exchange and update your employees in a dynamic and interactive way.

A tool that is not only efficient but above all effective.

But that’s not all. Thanks to our decades of experience in the implementation of e-learning courses, we’re able to support you for the entire project, from start to finish.

Try with us a
free demo of Moodle

Find out how it works through a simulation.
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