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Learning Advisory: implement digital training in your company

Our expertise and know-how are available to companies looking to start a new digital learning experience or to improve an existing system.

Learning Advisory: Frog Learning is here to support companies in choosing digital learning

In the age of digitization, companies of all sizes and industries are being called upon to embrace digital transformation, not only to remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace but to secure future growth and sustainability. A journey that’s not just about the adoption of new technologies but that drives a cultural change within the company.

Digital training is a particularly effective tool in this transformation. By employing innovative training approaches like E-learning, companies can provide personalized, flexible, and scalable learning experiences.

With the Learning Advisory service we provide our know-how and expertise to help companies build the best digital learning experience with the goal of boosting learning by making the most of digital technologies.

Learning Advisory:
3 plans for your business

Our Learning Advisory service consists of 3 service options to meet your advisory needs using Digital Learning


standard plan


intermediate plan




Learning Advisory: standard plan

The standard plan is the first step in the Learning Advisory, with which we will perform an initial analysis of your company’s digital learning needs


Needs analysis

We interview you to understand the specific challenges that you have dealt with this far and your learning needs


Audit of existing content

We examine the existing content (teaching models, learning platforms in use, materials available)


Evaluation Report

We draft a detailed report, a map of the current situation that identifies your areas for improvement and opportunities. Where do we want to go from here?


Preliminary Consultation

Now we’re able to resume the journey: we present you with a proposal to implement digital learning solutions


Learning Advisory: intermediate plan

The intermediate plan is the next step in the Learning Advisory, with which we help you design and implement effective digital learning solutions


learning advisory sviluppo strategia

Digital learning strategy development

We define a digital learning strategy tailored to your specific needs


Technology setup

We support you in setting up the platform and work on defining the best digital learning user experience for your targets and goals


development of customized courses
or learning programs

We’re able to plan and create customized educational content: video lessons, E-learning modules and so on


Staff Training

We train your company personnel on how to manage platforms and digital content


Measuring results

We monitor your progress and work on continuous optimization of digital the learning solutions


Learning Advisory: premium plan

The premium plan is the last step of the Learning Advisory, with which we will ensure comprehensive support for your company’s learning transformation using digital technology.


Global transformation strategy

We revolutionize your organization’s teaching by building a new corporate learning ecosystem featuring digital technology and blended learning methods



All aboard! We build a digital learning solutions implementation plan that involves the department as a whole or the company’s entire workforce


Advanced design

Every trip is unique, every traveler is different.
That’s why we create and design highly customized learning experiences based on analyses obtained through assessments, surveys, focus groups, and visits


Organizational change management

We’ll teach you a new language. This means change management support for a guided transition to an innovative approach to learning that takes full advantage of the potential of digital technologies


measurement of learning kpi's

Navigation continue with safe coordinates. We’ll set up a continuous performance monitoring system so you can always evaluate the effectiveness of the digital learning solutions adopted

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By your side: from start to finish

With a strongly customer-oriented approach, we stand by companies at every stage of design of the digital learning experience, ensuring professionalism, attention to detail, and assistance throughout the project.

Needs analysis

Initial meeting to understand the customer’s specific needs and goals

Definition of the proposal

Development of a customized proposal based on the needs identified

Continuous support

Constant availability to provide assistance and advice throughout the journey

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Monitoring of results

Periodic verification of the effectiveness of the implemented solution


Continuous improvement of the solution based on feedback

Transfer of skills

Training of customer staff to make the company autonomous

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