Frog Learning in partnership with isEazy

Together we are worth twice that's why we are excited to announce an exciting new partnership between Frog Learning and isEazy, a technology company specializing in E-learning solutions for training, communication and corporate knowledge. This collaboration marks an important step forward in terms of innovation and constitutes an added value for our clients, introducing for the first time in Italy, on an entirely exclusive basis, isEazy Author.

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Only webinar attendees will be guaranteed discounts and giveaways for subscribing to isEazy Author licenses!

United to build momentum for innovation

Committed to the search for a new authoring tool that could change the rules of the market and give further impetus to innovation, we came across isEazy Author, the ideal tool to fulfill our mission. Thus, we activated a synergy, aimed at paving the way for the dissemination of this new tool at the Italian level as well. The goal is to facilitate the way E-learning players deliver courses, finding answers to increasingly widespread needs; among them, accessibility and gamification.

isEazy author: ready to revolutionize the way we do E-learning?

isEazy Author is the No. 1 software for making, editing and sharing E-learning content. An authoring tool created for making courses:

  • Accessible, meeting 100% of AA criteria and 80% of AAA WCAG criteria;
  • Create 3 times faster with its intuitive interface, powerful features and ready-to-use resources;
  • Designed as authentic learning experiences made up of interactions, multimedia objects, exercises and games;
  • Shareable, effortlessly, through various options: from downloadable SCORM packages to other forms of sharing.

With isEazy Author, creating a course is truly intuitive thanks to its user-centric interface, powerfulartificial intelligence-based features, and a huge library of ready-to-use multimedia resources.

An entirely cloud-based tool that is constantly updated and makes intuitiveness its hallmark. In addition, collaboration with other users in real time makes it an irreplaceable ally in designing and creating engaging and interactive courses efficiently throughout the process.

isEazy Author is a tool that stands out in its target market.

Communion of purpose

The new collaboration between Frog Learning and isEazy is the result of a shared vision and common goals. On the one hand, the desire to give a concrete response to market demands in the adoption of innovative and intuitive tools. On the other, the desire to spread to new geographical areas a tool that can bring value among our clients, in E-learning and in the world of training in general.

We are excited to join forces with isEazy. This partnership fulfills our common promise in bringing innovation while adhering to our guiding principles such as quality and spreading Diversity & Inclusion. I thank isEazy for the trust and for choosing us as their exclusive partner in Italy.

Save the date - launch webinar

Marking the start of this new collaboration is a launch webinar to be held live on Linkedin on February 29 from 5:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.

Valentina Barnaba, Digital Learning Manager at Frog Learning, will provide an overview of isEazy Author and dialogue with Miguel Valverde, CEO of isEazy, who will exceptionally present a case study on Vodafone with Carmen María López F. de Cordoba, Digital Content Lead in Vodafone.

Only webinar attendees will be guaranteed discounts and giveaways for subscribing to isEazy Author licenses!

Can’t attend but would like to learn more? Schedule an in-depth call with our team now by writing to us at:

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