Webinar. The ingredients for starry Digital Onboarding: the Cannavacciuolo case

We are ready for a new webinar by Frog Learning. How about you? In the next appointment we will explore digital onboarding, a key process for the effective integration of new employees. We will tell you how an innovative and well-structured onboarding plan can generate positive effects in terms of retention and retention of new talent. To do so, we will look at the case history of Cannavacciuolo Group.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

What will be discussed?

Get ready to learn how digital onboarding positively influences the improved performance of new employees.

You will discover:

  • What are the design stages of digital onboarding;
  • How to make an innovative and engaging course on onboarding, thanks to isEazy Author;
  • The difference between onboarding and inboarding (professional development of existing employees).

Finally, Manuel Pranzo – HR Director of Cannavacciuolo Group – will talk about the initial goals for new employee onboarding, the solutions adopted and the results achieved through the adoption of digital onboarding structured by Frog Learning.

📍Linkedin Live | 📅 March 28 | ⏰ 17:00 – 17:45 h


Valentina Barnaba

Valentina Barnaba, human resources and digital learning expert. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education, later earning two master’s degrees in Human Resources and Business Coaching. He held the position of Corporate HR & Digital Learning Manager in Max Mara Fashion Group for more than 15 years. Today he is Digital Learning Manager at Frog Learning and is responsible for designing innovative learning experiences for companies.

Manuel LunchManuel Pranzo, for more than 10 years focused on people and their growth: his first role in HR, the “headhunter,” meanwhile built from scratch the Operations & HR department of a company in food retail dealing with new openings, reinventing himself and honing his skills. The common thread that connects each of his experiences are the relationships cultivated over time and the human contact, which allowed him to land in 2022 in the Cannavacciuolo Group as HR Director.

Why Participate.

  1. Understand how digital onboarding can enhance the integration of new employees, improving their retention and performance;
  2. Take inspiration from Cannavacciuolo Group, a reality that stands for excellence in the hospitality and luxury catering industry;
  3. Discover insights and useful data directly from experts in the field, having the opportunity to ask questions or curiosity;
  4. Get practical advice for integrating innovative onboarding pathways into your company.

Who is Cannavacciuolo Group

Should the need arise, Cannavacciuolo Group embodies an Italian success story, managing 11 prestigious facilities in different parts of Italy with more than 250 employees to its credit. Founded on the values of family, hospitality and continuous growth, the group has distinguished itself through innovation and excellence. From the shores of Lake Orta to the magic of the Gulf of Sorrento, each establishment carries the soul of its location, reflecting the commitment and passion of Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Cinzia Primatesta.

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